• About us

  • The entire team at Rentastore is committed to providing a total quality records management service which meets and exceeds the needs and expectations of its customers.

    It is Rentastore’s objective to perform at optimum efficiency in every aspect of its operation in order to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

    • As part of management's commitment to quality, staff are fully trained in all aspects of records management, including procedures, work instructions, and the key elements of customer service.

      Rentastore will meet its service objectives by:

      •    Ensuring that resources including staff and equipment are adequate to meet the needs of customers;
      •    Adopting a ''get it right the first time'' approach to all work undertaken;
      •    Ensuring that all staff are adequately trained to perform their assigned duties; and
      •    Remaining committed to continuous improvement in all work practices.

    • Rentastore undertakes to rigorously explore and investigate new and innovative service lines which will further enhance its existing portfolio.

      As a service company, Rentastore recognises and appreciates the value of its customers, without whom the business would be unable to function.

      Rentastore works with a broad array of industries including: legal, financial, local government, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, shipping and rapidly growing companies.