• Document Scanning

    • Document scanning and storing them in digital form will save you valuable resources when the document has to be shared by others: instead of duplicating it consuming paper and ink, saving it in a digital form would be easier, faster, economical and environmentally friendly. 
  • We at Rentastore scan documents of all types, shapes and sizes. We know your project timelines are short, your security needs are great and turn-around time must be quick. Whether your need is as small as 10 boxes or as large as a million images, we have done it all. That’s why we offer document scanning on your premises or in our state of the art production facility in Marsa. 

    Rentastore boasts many document scanning services: we convert paper documents to PDF, searchable PDF, tiff, jpg, gif or any standard format. We will separate the folders, prep and index the documents, scan the paper, post-process the images and place them on compact disk, ready for input into your document imaging system.  

    Our people are fast, efficient and trained for the services you need. Don't rely on training temporary help to index your documents or take someone off their job to do this project. This type of project is for people that have the time to work on it every day.

    • Solutions

    • We can provide electronic scanning solutions for most types of paperwork including: 

      • Production records 

      • Purchase and sales invoices 
      • Delivery notes & Manuals 
      • Plans & Drawings 
      • Personnel and payroll records