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We are fully ISO certified. This means our facilities adhere to the best quality standards.


Document Management Specialists


Rentastore are leaders in the document and data management industry in Malta, providing end-to-end secure document and data management services to leading organisations in both the public and private sector.


Our success comes from our solid business background and is built upon an international reputation for service quality, security and, above all, commitment to our customers.

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How does it work?


Archiving your documents is a simple and easy process. Our team at Rentastore will firstly deliver boxes for your documents to your office. Each box has a unique individual barcode and seal which ensures ultimate privacy and security. You are then requested to fill the boxes with the documents you wish to archive.


A member of our team subsequently collects your sealed boxes whenever you are ready. We then deliver your boxes to our warehouse, scan the barcode on each box and give them a trackable location. Your documents are now safe and secure.